2016 Rainforest of Reading School Festival

The Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School theme for this year was “Pajama Day”

This year marked the third year of the annual Rainforest of Reading programme. Oneworld Schoolhouse Foundation is pleased and thankful that the Ministry of Education has included the Reading Festival in their calendar of activities.

For the past two years students have enjoyed reading exciting story books and have met with authors, illustrators and other literacy personnel. Grade fours and fives continue on their journey to become avid readers.

Chief Education Officer at Ministry of Education, Mr. Marcus Edward on behalf of Oneworld Schoolhouse Foundation welcomed the new Grade threes, who are beginning their journey to the many destinations where imagination takes root. The Ministry of Education hopes that all readers will be motivated to read and develop into lifelong readers.

As in previous years, all teachers were provided with a guide which assisted them in helping their students successfully complete the programme. Before students began, they completed the Reading Survey.

Students were expected to sing two songs at this years festival: “Gotta Keep Reading” and “It’s All About These Books”.


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