February 3, 2016


At our School, there are 4 groups/clubs that your child/ward can choose from to join, to do as an extracurricular activity. We believe in exposing children to as many hobbies and extracurricular activities as possible. 

The Young St. Lucian Helpers

   The Young St. Lucian Helpers (YSLH), is an environmental club of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. The club was founded on the 11th February, 1996. It is a UNESCO associated club as well as a member of ASPNet. ASPNet means: Associated Schools Project Network and it enables students to work on projects and participate in encounters at the international, regional and national levels in which they share ideas, experiences and views. Presently the co-ordinators of the club are Mrs. Faucher-Joseph, Ms. Wilson, and Mrs. Modeste-Lubin.

   Being a member of this club enables the students to show their concern for the environment; humanity, our school, our island, and the earth. It also provides students with the opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and promote environmental awareness daily. This club empowers students to make changes, promote a culture of peace, speak intelligently, show concern for others and to be responsible citizens of St. Lucia. Some of the activities are: observance of international days and years, fund raisers, hikes, hosting of pageants, assemblies and competitions, creating posters, clean up days, and fun outings.

  • cursive”>To maintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • To care for the elderly and less fortunate.
  • To participate in projects sponsored by UNESCO.
  • To participate in our cultural heritage.
  • To assist with school projects.
  • To observe UN International Days and Years.
  • To work and socialize with other local and regional ASPNet Schools/UNESCO clubs.
  • To work together as a family and have fun.
  • Pictures of Y.S.L.H. from different events

    The 5th Ave Maria Guides Company

      The 5th Ave Maria Guides Company, under the leadership of Warrant Officer, Mrs. Jeanelle Antoine-Thomas, has been an active, voluntary organisation at the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. The parent organisation, The Girl Guides Association of St. Lucia, was established by the Sisters of Cluny.

       The 5th Ave Maria Company has a membership of Marguerites (ages 5-7 years), Brownies (ages 8-10 years) and Guides (ages 11-12 years). The girls participate in local, regional and international programs and camps. The programs are designed to learn in a fun-filled, safe and ‘open’ space. Girls engage in developing life skills, friendships, social skills and proficiences. They enjoy working for patches and pins.

    Rainforest of Reading

    Our Science Club is one of the most recent clubs at the school. It was formed in September, 2014 by Mrs. Faucher-Joseph.



      School District Science Fair

      School Choir

         The Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School choir has always been a critical part of the school life of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. During the era of National Schools Choral Singing Competitions, the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School attained several victories. Since the commencement of the National Schools Music Festival in 2015, the choir has been selected as one of the schools to make a presentation at the final round of the festival held during Nobel Laureate week. Notable performances by the choir include the requiem mass (funeral) for Dunstan St. Omer, and the national Rally in order of the 37th anniversary of Saint Lucia’s Independence.

      Our girls at the 2015 Schools’ Music Festival