February 3, 2016

Principal & Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Henry......

Mrs. Valerie St. Helene-Henry BSc. MBA


Principal’s Message

Welcome to Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School

Thank you for visiting the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School website. I hope you find the website resourceful and that you will get to know our school. Our school population for the 2015-2016 school year is 535 students. With an average class size of 30 students, we house Grades Three to Six in 18 classrooms. There is also a Principal’s office, an Information Technology room, Library, Special Education room and a kitchen.

We have a staff of 18 classroom teachers, a French and Music teacher, 2 Physical Education teachers, a Librarian, a Special Education teacher and an Administrative Assistant. The support staff consists of a Principal’s Assistant, Information Technology Assistant, one day time janitor, one day time caretaker/watchman, 5 night watchmen, 2 cooks and 3 evening janitors.

Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School is committed to academic excellence and the staff, parents and students work together to achieve educational, social and spiritual goals. The school is a Catholic School which ensures that it maintains its identity with an opening mass every term and the observance of the catholic feasts/seasons.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated teachers and a rich tapestry of social-cultural programs, Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School is a wonderful place to teach and to learn. We strive to provide the best educational experience possible. The teachers teach to the best of their ability every day. Many of them make full use of technology to enhance the learning process and guide the girls on a path that will give them the skills necessary for a productive future at their secondary schools and beyond. We try every year to better our performance at the National Exams as we cannot afford to lower the bar.

The Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School encourages extra-curricular activities. The Young St. Lucian Helpers Environmental Club and the Brownies and Girls Guides group are both of the best on island. Our school choir is the reigning national champs and is one of the most popular school choirs on island. Our sports program at the school is intense and rigorous. The school Sports Meet is one of the highlights on our Calendar of Activities every year. Our school team has always represented us excellently at the Inter District Sports Meet.

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the school and accompanied by a very vibrant and supportive Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which provides support through fundraising. The school recently adopted a initiative which is supported by the parents.


How to get involved in your child’s education at Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School

  1. Ask your child questions about what she learns in school each day.
  2. Read to your child every day and have her read to you.
  3. Check your child’s bag for letters or notes from the school.
  4. Talk to the principal or teacher if you have questions or concerns.
  5. Volunteer to help at school or class events.
  6. Attend PTA meetings and workshops.
  7. Assist your child with homework by creating a quiet environment at home.

Please enjoy navigating our website and enjoy your child’s primary school experience. Feel free to contact us at:

1-758-452-3297/1-758-728-9546 or email: avemariaprim@hotmail.com

Ms. JnCharles-Vice Principal

Ms. Adeltrude Jn. Charles

Administrative Assistant/Teacher 

  35 years ago, Ms. Adeltrude Jn Charles entered the gates of this school. She has always been actively involved in every aspect of school life, from class activities to sports meets to rallies and staff dinners, concerts and shows for all occasions. Though she is now stationed in the office, her love for the classroom has not dwindled. As such, she continues to assist teachers when called upon to teach lessons, make teaching aids etc. Dear to her heart though is getting an encouraging the girls in discovering their true talents, particularly in acting and singing. To this end her most recent initiative is that of the school’s annual calypso show, (Ave Clash) which will present its fourth show this year 2016.