February 3, 2016

Personnel/Support Staff

Ms. Armstrong....

Ms. Tamara Armstrong

Principal/Office Assistant

Ms. De Beauville

Ms. Shafayrose Dé Beauville

Information Technology Assistant/Personnel 

  “I love computers and any other thing that pertains to technology. Computers are quite fascinating to me, and I rarely get tired of them. Getting to the core of a computer brings joy to me.  The more indepth I get into a computer, the more I’d like to know about them and analyze them. I am a very analytic individual, and thus drives my passion even further into the field of Information Technology; more specifically Programming.”

I.T. Lab

Information Technology Lab

Mr. Joseph Florenville

Mr. Joseph Florenville  “Mr. Steve”


Ms. Suzie & Ms. Veronica

From left to right, Ms. Veronica and Ms. Suzie

Culinary Artists aka The Chefs

Ms. Martina Constantine

Ms. Martina Constantine

Day Cleaner

Ms. Anna Grita Charles

Ms. Anna Grita Charles

Evening Cleaner