February 5, 2016


Ms. Haynes

Ms. Rufina Haynes


  “In October 1980, I started my teaching career as a Grade 1 teacher at the Ave Maria Girls’ Infant School. At the beginning of the following academic year, I was transferred to the Primary Department where I taught Grade 8. During my 35 year teaching career I have taught several grade levels. I now function as Library Facilitator/Teacher. Twenty-six(26) librarians compromising of ‘Student Librarians’ and ‘Assistant Librarians’ from the student body assist in maintaining order in the physical layout of the library.

  My duties as Library Facilitator afford me the privilege of interacting with the entire student body, and has thus allowed me opportunity to develop a sort of professional chum with the students. This connectedness enables me to provide informal, emotional, moral and social support to various students. Although library duties can become immensely demanding, the professional comradeship established with students is tremendously gratifying – thanks to the grace and enabling power of God.”

Ms. Haynes.....

Ms. Haynes library helpers

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Mr. Keitje Greaves

Music Teacher

  Keitje Le Jurne Greaves was born on September 5th 1992. He later attended the Camille Henry Memorial School and the Saint Mary’s College. His musical journey began at the Allegro Junior Pangroove, playing the bass steel pan. At the age of 14 he became a member of the St. Lucia School of Music Concert Band, where the trombone then became his primary instrument. Upon leaving the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College ( Division of Arts Science and General Studies ) in 2011, he became the Music Specialist of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School.

   In September of 2012 he became a part time brass instructor at the St. Lucia School of Music. Later on in 2013 he was made a brand ambassador for telecommunications company Digicel for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival of that year. Mr. Greaves acted as the head of the St. Lucia School of Music Concert Band for the year 2015. It is Mr. Greaves view that Arts Education has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for creating positive social transformation.

Ms. S. Louisy

Ms. Sermantha Louisy

Special Needs Education Teacher

  “I am the Special Education teacher at the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. I began my general education teaching career in 1989, and have worked at the secondary school level in the past. I look forward to coming to school to provide interventions and support services for our students with special needs.”

Ms. Pettie

Ms. Solange Pettie

Physical Education Teacher

  Ms. Solange Pettie is the school’s Physical Education teacher and has been for the past four years. An all rounded Physical Education teacher, she exposes our girls to table tennis, athletics, swimming, volleyball and netball. Ms. Pettie enjoys what she does and ensure that the students enjoy it too. Ms Pettie is seen as vibrant, youthful and motivated individual, who is intrigued with the development of sports.

Ms Callixta Edward

Ms. Callixta Edward

French Teacher

“Parlez vous Français à petit pour.

Never give up your opportunity to learn something. You never know when it may come in handy. That’s what French did for me. It came in handy at an opportune time in my life.”