March 3, 2016

#St. Lucia We Love

Just a few facts about our lovely island St. Lucia.

The National Anthem of St. Lucia

“Sons and Daughters of Saint Lucia” is the national anthem of Saint Lucia, first adopted in 1967 upon achieving self-government, and confirmed as the official anthem upon independence in 1979.

The lyrics were written by Charles Jesse in 1967, and the music by Leton Felix Thomas, also in 1967.


Sons and daughters of Saint Lucia,
love the land that gave us birth,
land of beaches, hills and valleys, :
fairest isle of the earth!
Wheresoever you may roam,
love oh love, our island home.
Gone the times when nations battled
for this ‘Helen of the West’,
gone the days when strife and discord
Dimmed her children’s toil and rest.
Dawns at last a brighter day,
stretches out a glad new way.
May the good Lord bless our island,
guard her sons from woe and harm,
may our people live united,
strong in soul and strong in arm.
Justice, Truth and Charity,
our ideal for ever be!

Instrumental Version

The National Flag of St. Lucia

National Flag of St. Lucia

  The National Flag of Saint Lucia consists of a cerulean blue field charged with a yellow isosceles triangle in front of a white-edged black triangle. Adopted in 1967 to replace the British defaced Blue Ensign   with the arms of the colony, it has been the flag of Saint Lucia since the country became an Associated State of the United Kingdom that year. Although the overall design of the flag has remained unchanged, specific aspects of it have been altered over the years.

  The colours and symbols of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings. The blue epitomizes the sky and the sea, specifically the Atlantic Ocean and  Caribbean Sea which encircle the country. The black and white allude to the harmonious relationship between the black and white race. The yellow symbolizes the sunshine, as well as prosperity. The triangles represent the Pitons, which are twin volcanic cones located in the southwest part of the island and unity. Gros Piton and Petite Piton they are a national symbol of Saint Lucia.

National Pledge

With God as my guide, I pledge allegiance to my country, St Lucia. I proclaim that I will serve my country with pride and dignity and will defend it with vigour and valour in the pursuit of excellence, justice and equality for all.”

The St Lucia National Pledge was introduced in December 2003.

Coat of Arms


This symbol represents the official seal of the Government of Saint Lucia. The following is a brief description of the coat of arms.

  • Tudor Rose – England
  • Fleur de lis – France
  • Stool – Africa
  • Torch – Beacon to light the path
  • Saint Lucia Amazon – the national bird

On the ribbon below the shield is the national motto, “The Land, The People, The Light”. The shield is held up by two St. Lucia parrots.

National Bird

National Bird

The Saint Lucia amazon (also known as the Saint Lucia parrot) (Amazona versicolor) is a species of parrot in the Psittacidae family. It is endemic to Saint Lucia and is the country’s national bird.

Governor General of St. Lucia


Her Excellency, The Honourable Dame Pearlette Louisy 

1997 – Present

The Governor-General of Saint Lucia is the viceregal representative of the Monarch of Saint Lucia, currently being Queen Elizabeth II. The official residence of the Governor-General is Government House.

The position of Governor-General was established when St Lucia was granted independence on 22 February 1979, prior to which there had existed the equivalent position of Governor of St. Lucia. 

Prime Minister of St. Lucia


The Right Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet