February 3, 2016

Grade 3

Ms. E. Antoine...

Ms. Elaine Antoine

 Teacher/Grade 3

  “I believe that every child can and will learn if instructed well. My passion lies in educating young minds in the areas of academics, spirituality and values.”

Ms. Antoine class

Ms. Antoine’s class

Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Cyra Fletcher

Teacher/Grade 3

“Creative, Fun-loving, One of a kind. That’s who I am.”

Mrs. Fletcher class

Mrs. Fletcher’s class

Ms. Wilson...

Ms. Latoya Wilson

Teacher/Grade 3

   Ms. LaToya Wilson has been teaching at this school for the past 8 years. She is a very active Grade 3 teacher. She is the House Mistress for Phillip’s House and also an assistant co-ordinator of the Young St. Lucian Helpers Club.

Ms. Wilson class

Ms. Wilson’s class

Mrs. J. Thomas

Mrs. Janelle Antoine-Thomas

Teacher/Grade 3

   Jeanelle Antoine-Thomas has been an educator for more than two decades, having taught at all the levels of the education system. She currently holds a BED, BA, and MEd. Her abiding interests are cultural and literacy studies. She believes that every child can learn given the appropriate environment. She enjoys working with younger children and is an avid reader. In addition to her classroom practices, Mrs. Thomas is an active volunteer in the St. Lucia Girl Guide Association and holds the positions – Regional Governance Adviser to the Western Hemisphere and Assistant Chief Commissioner. Mrs. Antoine is presently leading the Company assisted by Ms. Asha Augustin.

Mrs. Thomas class

Mrs. Thomas’s class

Mrs. Lubin

Mrs. Marvelle ModesteLubin

Teacher/Grades  3/4

   In 2007, Mrs. Marvelle Modeste-Lubin joined the staff of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School. In 2009 she pursued the teaching Associate Degree at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, and returned to the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School in 2011 as a Grade 3 teacher. She has taught Grades 3 & 4. She enjoys incorporating the use of technology in her students learning process, and makes a concerted effort to ensure that every student achieves especially in Mathematics; which is her subject of preference. Mrs. Modeste-Lubin is also actively involved in Sports, (House Mistress – Pierre’s House) and other extra-curricular activities such as Ave Clash and the Young St. Lucian Helpers; the school’s environmental club.

Mrs. Lubin class

Mrs. Modeste-Lubin’s class