February 3, 2016

Grade 4

Ms. A. Edan..

Ms. Angie Edan  

Teacher/Grade 4

  “I am very passionate and enthusiastic about my instruction delivery as well as the physical, emotional and mental growth of my students.”

Ms. Edan class

Ms. Edan’s class

Mrs. Hollingsworth. - Grade 4

Mrs. Jether Hollingsworth 

 Teacher/Grade 4

  “I teach Grade 4. Teaching is my passion. It’s my calling in life. I enjoy being around the children. Helping mold young minds to be successful in life is gratifying. It’s an honour to serve in this capacity. I love my job.”

Mrs. Hollingsworth class

Mrs. Hollingsworth’s class

Mrs Sonson

Mrs. Antonia Sonson

 Teacher/Grade 4

 “I am a graduate teacher with about 24 years teaching experience. During that time, I have taught both infant and primary age students. Presently I teach fourth Grade students, and have been teaching that grade for the past sixteen years. I love children, and is a proud mother of two daughters.”

Mrs. Sonson class

Mrs. Sonson’s class

Mrs. Faucher - Joseph

Mrs. Charlene Faucher-Joseph

Teacher – Grade 3/4

   Mrs. Charlene Faucher-Joseph has been a teacher at the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School, for the past 17 years. She has taught mainly Grade 3 within these years, and Grade 4 for 2 years. She is one of the House Mistresses for Egan’s House, and is also the science rep for our school. At the school, she is also the co-ordinator of the environmental club ‘The Young St. Lucian Helpers’.

Mrs. Faucher-Joseph class

Mrs. Faucher-Joseph’s class

Ms. Marie David

Ms. Marie David

Teacher/ Grade 4

Ms. David class

Ms. David’s class