February 3, 2016

Grade 6

Mrs. C. Joseph

Mrs. Caran Joseph

 Teacher/ Grade 6

Teaching Experience – 24 years

( 21 years Augier Combined School )

( 3 years Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School)

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“I have taught at all Grade levels, however, I have been a Grade 5 and 6 teacher for the past twelve years.”

 “My philosophy of teaching is rooted in the belief that every student can excel academically once motivated and given opportunities to be an active participant in his/her learning. For this reason, I am passionate about using technology and learner-centered strategies in the classroom.”

Mrs. C. Joseph class

Mrs. Joseph’s class

Ms Jn Baptiste1

Ms. Rochelle Jn. Baptiste

Teacher/ Grade 6

  “Being in the service for 25 years has made teaching second nature to me. Although I have the opportunity to teach the core subjects, I have always leaned towards the teaching of Mathematics, simply because it brings life to my students. While teaching has become more challenging, I am encouraged to have a positive impact on our young, impressionable minds.”

Ms. Jn Baptiste class...

Ms. Jn. Baptiste’s class

Ms. B. St. Helene

Ms. Brenda St. Helene

 Teacher/Grades  5/6 

  “I began my teaching career at the then Vide Bouteille Primary School. Shortly after, I attended the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Upon completion, I moved to the Camille Henry Memorial School. Twenty years ago I joined the staff of the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School.

I hold a teaching certificate as well as a Degree in Education with a major in testing measurement and evaluation; both from the University of the West Indies. I enjoy teaching all subjects; however, I thoroughly love teaching Mathematics. My greatest satisfaction is when I see the successes of my students. It gives me an immense sense of pride to see them as citizens, contributing meaningfully to the development of our little Saint Lucia, and society as a whole.”

Ms. St Helene class

Ms. St. Helene’s class

Mrs. Sylvest...

Mrs. Pricilla Sylvest 

Teacher/ Grades 5/6

Mrs. Sylvest class

Mrs. Sylvest’s class